2nd International Conference on Advanced Sensing and Intelligent Systems
Kunming, China | June 22-23, 2024

ICASIS 2024 invites researchers worldwide to submit papers and share the valuable experiences with the scientists from the world. Topics for submission include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Advanced Sensing Technologies for Healthcare
• Wearable Biosensors for Continuous Health Monitoring
• Smart Textiles for Remote Patient Monitoring
• Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Using Optical Sensing
• Intelligent Sensing in Prosthetics for Enhanced Motor Control
• Wireless Implantable Sensors for Chronic Disease Management
• Augmented Reality (AR) for Surgical Navigation with Sensing Feedback
• Environmental Monitoring in Healthcare Facilities Using IoT Sensors
• Voice and Speech Analysis for Early Detection of Neurological Disorders
• Robotic-Assisted Surgery with Haptic Feedback
• Smart Inhalers with Sensing Capabilities for Respiratory Disease Management

Topic 2: Intelligent Sensing for Environmental Monitoring
• Autonomous Drones for Air Quality Monitoring in Urban Environments
• Smart Agriculture with Precision Sensing for Crop Monitoring
• Underwater Sensor Networks for Oceanographic Research
• Remote Sensing for Early Detection of Natural Disasters
• Intelligent Traffic Management with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Sensing
• Smart Waste Management Using IoT Sensors
• Wildlife Conservation Through Sensor Networks in Protected Areas
• Real-Time Monitoring of Water Quality in Rivers and Lakes
• Smart Energy Grids with Sensor Integration for Efficiency
• Monitoring and Controlling Noise Pollution in Urban Environments

Topic 3: Intelligent Data Analysis and Processing for Sensor Networks
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Computational Intelligence
• Sensor Data Fusion & Deep Learning
• Collaborative Sensor Data Management
• Aggregation, Classification and Tracking
• Big Data
• Reasoning on Sensor Data
• Multi-Sensor Data Processing
• Data Collection
• Pervasive Computing
• Large Scale Systems
• Data Storage and Transmission
• Programming and Middleware
• Sensor Networks Operating Systems
• Machine Learning Algorithms and Tools

Topic 4: IoT, Big Data Analytics and AI
• 5G and Networks for Big Data
• Big Data Analytics and Social Media
• Big Data Applications, Bioinformatics, Multimedia etc
• Big Data Infrastructure and Platform
• Big Data Search and Mining
• Big Data Security, Privacy and Trust
• Big Data Techniques, Models and Algorithms
• Cloud and Grid Computing for Big Data
• Deep Learning
• Electronics and Signal Processing for IoT
• Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios
• IoT Applications and Services
• IoT-Enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Learning in Knowledge-Intensive Systems
• Learning Methods and Analysis
• Machine Learning and AI for Big Data
• Machine Learning Applications
• Security and Privacy for IoT

Topic 5: Other Related Topics
• Aerospace Sensors and Sensor Systems
• Transducers, Actuators
• Machine Learning
• Algorithms, Data, and Theory
• Systems, Architectures, and Tools
• Algorithms, Data, and Theory
• Novel Embedded Machine Learning Algorithms
• Operating Systems and Runtime Environments
• Network and System Architectures and Protocols
• Fairness, Equity, and Transparency Issues in IoT and CPS
• Sensor-System Algorithms, Protocols, Communication and Computation